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[Exactly. I didn’t even wanna talk with ya on the phone, but Nanase was bein’ stuck up ‘bout it.]

“But Hōsen-kun, I think we should consider what Horikita-senpai has to say.”

[Shut up bitch. Who the fuck you think you are? Huh? I’ll fucking kill you.]

“I have no interest in being killed, but please meet with Horikita-senpai at least this once.”

[Don’t contact me again unless yer willin’ to fork over the points.]

Nanase tried to say something else, but Hōsen hung up the call.

She immediately tried to call him back, but no matter how many times she called, he never picked up the phone.

“…I’m very sorry!”

Nanase lowered her head as far as she possibly could, apologizing to the two of us.

But Nanase hadn’t done anything wrong.

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“Raise your head. My plan is completely different from Hōsen-kun’s, so it’s not going to be easy to get things right. I’m very grateful that you’ve been willing to lend us a hand like this.”