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Naturally, if everyone knew that it was a semi-commercial villa, that would definitely help to eliminate many possible places. The problem was Zhang Zuting didn’t know about this, and so his fans were in the dark as well.

Zhang Zuting didn’t even know the name of the private kitchen.

Even as his fans kept asking, as Zhang Zuting himself didn’t know the answers, how could any answers be found? After seeing all the comments, Pei Qian sighed out in relief.

All is good, all is good. A false alarm!

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Pei Qian had made the right choice by not revealing the location of the restaurant and not allowing Zhang Zuting to take any pictures. Zhang Zuting was after all a star and had experienced much in life. He wasn’t like bumpkins who would want to take pictures to boast if they were having delicacies. He also wouldn’t pay particular attention to the restaurant’s location.

Pei Qian was very emotional; he was very grateful that Zha Zhuti had not caused him much grief!

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From the looks of it, Ming Yun Private Kitchen was not in danger of being found-out yet.

He had just wanted to put his cell phone back into his pocket when-‘ding’. He received a message alert. Zhang Zuting had sent a new Weibo message. “I have the location! I had asked my assistant. Luckily, he had noted down the location! Location: Jingzhou City-Ming Yun Villas”


Pei Qian nearly spat blood out.

Done for; I have been made by this assistant!

Zhang Zuting indeed had not recalled the location; however, his assistant had!

Come to think of it, that assistant had seen the table filled with delicacies, particularly the King Crab dish; and his eyes had glistered. He obviously was not going to forget that sight.

Pei Qian had not thought of much; he had just asked the assistant not to take pictures.

However, he had actually noted down the location of the restaurant; Pei Qian couldn’t possibly have noticed that!

Soon, the comments section grew noisier.

“Ming Yun Villas? That is indeed rather secluded. Thank you for the recommendation, Uncle Zhang. I’ll drive by someday to have a look.”

“Wow, that’s far. Even by car, it takes one hour.”

“It is really that good, that Uncle Zhang is full of praise? Can someone go try it out? If it really is that good, I could consider flying to Jingzhou and try it and take in the sights as well. Who knows where it’s nice to go to in Jingzhou?”