Do you make a video on the art?

Do you make a video on the art?

“You’re saying that again…”

I heard some familiar voices.

I can’t help but my raise my head from the screen. So, I saw a high school boy and girl walking out from the park not far away…

(Uh, that’s Amano-kun? Also, …Konoha-san too!)

Due to the surprise, I stopped walking.

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(Eh? Why? Why is Amano-kun here? Is he visiting Chiaki-san? …No, he’s not my class, I don’t think he even knows that Chiaki-san is absent. Moreover, Konoha-san is with him. …But it’s natural for her to show up around Hoshinomori’s home…)

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Although I thought of all the possible scenarios, anyway, the worst possible one – the scene when Aguri-san and him “instantly matched” each other, didn’t happen. I pressed my chest in relief.

I wanted to say hi to them. -However, at this moment, Amano-kun, who faced me with his back, put his hands on Konoha-san’s shoulders tightly.

The gasps that Konoha-san and I let out due to shock completely overlapped each other. At the same time, since she’s facing Amano-kun, she made eye contact with me, who’s behind him.

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Konoha-san noticed my presence and tried to tell Amano-kun.

Her eyes are bouncing between Amano-kun and me. However, …Amano-kun didn’t notice it at all.

Moreover, …he grabbed Konoha-san’s shoulders with his hands even tighter and told her this with an unprecedentedly “manly” tone.