There is a good job on the Internet.

There is a good job on the Internet.

“Come on, it’s all good. Let’s go quickly, what is it?

The bitches reacted to the word ‘training’. They were momentarily dumbfounded, but soon after looking to each other...

“Training... you guys, no way... pu, hey, hah? Until you got that dirty, you think you can beat José?”

“Fufufu... it’s kind of... unsightly...”

“That’s why you’re sweaty? I mean, gross. So disgusting.”

“Mortriage, too? What’s the point of trying now?”

“You can’t quietly accept defeat... I don’t feel any manly integrity.”

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They were dumbfounded, then laughing... unlike the people in the town who were looking on from a distance, the bitches talked directly to them.

Mortriage and the others bowed their heads in frustration.

I was in the middle of such a scene and I involuntarily...

“Kukukuku, Kuhahahahahahahahahaha!!”

I couldn’t help laughing.

“Wh, what’s with this guy?”

“Has he gone crazy?”

Everyone looked surprised at my sudden laughter. However, I couldn’t resist it.


“No~, Mortriage... it’s fine, you guys.”

Even if they don’t like you, it wouldn’t have a negative in your life... rather, it was good for you... I almost said it out loud unintentionally.