Online college students are reliable

Online college students are reliable

After all, one needed disciple to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Each person had different levels of discipline. Another important factor was one’s environment.

While at home, most people would only think about resting and playing; productivity would often be low. However, productivity would increase in an office or school. That was the power of one’s environment.

It would be hard to tell how disciplined full-time writers—who constantly wrote new chapters—were in other aspects of their lives, but they obviously had a high level of discipline when it came to work.

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Thus, after much thought, Ma Yiqun finally made up his mind.

Zhongdian Chinese Network would start a class!

It would not be a philosophical-type class, but a practical class that would provide security, provide career development plans and guidance, and nurture healthy lifestyles for mid-tier writers!

This was Ma Yiqun’s initial plan: writers would be allowed to register, and the website’s editors would shortlist thirty suitable candidates from the group of mid-tier writers at Zhongdian Chinese Network.

That would be the first batch of guinea pigs, and Ma Yiqun would observe the effects of the class.

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The writers would be allowed to claim their expenses. Once they arrived in Jingzhou, their food and lodging would have been arranged. In any case, they could eat Fish-Catching Take-Out, and rent would not cost that much.

The writers would also get a basic salary of three thousand yuan, and insurance and funds suitable for that amount.

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Ma Yiqun would also find an office building near their accommodations, and rent thirty cheap workspaces. They would be required to clock in and out of work every day, according to Tengda’s stipulated working hours.

Apart from that, Ma Yiqun would organize regular discussions and sharing, where more successful writers could share their experience and learning points.

Each time a writer wanted to start on a new book or became stuck at a point in the plot, they could discuss with the other writers and gather a variety of opinions. Under such circumstances, the writers would see each other more as friends and classmates than colleagues.

Of course, not all writers would be interested in a practical class like that.