Can I make money on online lottery?

Can I make money on online lottery?

After some consideration, Pei Qian decided to transfer half the people in Shang Yang Games over.

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Half of them would be put in charge of GOG’s international server while the other half would work on updating a few of Tengda’s old games.

Dayak Corporation would do better if he gave them this handicap, wouldn’t they?

Quickly, fight harder and retaliate. Take back a bit of the market share, so that I can continue to burn money with good reason.

As for Tengda’s old games... they had not been updated for some time.

Pei Qian had originally thought about making a portion of the games free, but after reexamining them, he realized that it would not fit with the System’s criteria.

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The System required Pei Qian to put standalone games on sale for at least ten months. Moreover, the income of the latest month must have fallen to less than one-fifth of that of the previous month.

Time was almost up for Repent and be Saved, but sales were still going strong. What’s more, Pei Qian had no idea who exactly were still buying the game to torture themselves.

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Thus, he decided to develop more DLC.

The sales for the other games had more or less peaked. Creating more DLC after the peak period would probably not generate much sales.

Of course, it did not matter even if Pei Qian made a little profit. His main aim was to distract Shang Yang Games and cause them to take some resources away from GOG’s international server. If he defeated IOI with a single blow, he would really lose out.

At that thought, Pei Qian dialed Lin Wan’s number.

Soon, the call went through.

Pei Qian casually asked, “What plans do you have for work in the next few months?”

Lin Wan answered honestly, “Oh, Boss Pei, I was just about to report this to you.