How to pull people online online

How to pull people online online

Increase the number of opened magic holes. Certainly, it is theoretically possible to increase the amount of magic emission.

「The number of open magic holes is usually several dozen, but the number of ‘closed magic holes’ in the human body is actually several hundred or more. Originally, it would require long periods of exercise to gradually open them up... But if we cooperate, we can force them to open in a short time.」

「S-Such a thing...」

But it shouldn’t be that easy.

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「...... Can it be done in two months?」

Usually, years of training. And also talent is combined together to open them.

But in two months?

「Tis possible. You forcibly open the closed magic holes.」

「Are you serious...」

「Now that I am here, tis possible.」

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I even felt reliance on Tre’ainar’s words, who asserted that it was possible.

I wonder if this Great Demon King can really do it.

「Well, child. I shall use the acupuncture set that you bought on the first day.」

「Ah... th-that’s no way...」

「With my omnipotence and omniscient eyes... I can accurately determine the positions of closed magic holes throughout your body. The closed magic hole possesses a subtle irregularity in it. You will have to stick an acupuncture needle through it.」