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“After the news of the subway came out, the prices of the houses here inevitably increased. Fortunately, we made a move early and did not give the speculators too many chances.”

“In order to prevent people from hoarding these houses and scamming others at high prices, we have to hurry up and provide high-quality accommodation services. That would be a small help to Boss Pei.”

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“Also, you have to keep an eye on Star Bird Fitness. It will only become more and more popular in the next few months.”

Che Rong was stunned. “How many months can the popularity last?”

He was a little surprised. After all, VR might be a new thing, but its popularity would probably come and go quickly.

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It was not that he was looking down on the development trend of future games. The key was that there were only two Tengda games so far in the Doubt VR glasses. As for the other APPs and games, they were all there to make up the numbers.

Could he expect Animal Island and Fitness Battle to maintain their popularity for a few months? That sounded unrealistic.

Che Rong felt that this popularity would only last for a month or two before it would decrease.

However, one or two months was enough for Star Bird Fitness.

During this period, he could use the popularity to attract a lot of traffic. After the popularity passed, those who really had fitness requirements had already formed a habit. Star Bird Fitness could naturally stabilize its profits.

How could it last for a few months as like what Boss Li said?

Li Shi shook his head slightly. “This is the limitation of our imagination and horizons!”

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“I had the same thoughts as you at first, until I watched the video.”

Li Shi handed his cell phone to Che Rong. There was a video on Aili Island’s website. The title was “Animal Island—The Era of Virtual Reality Games”!

The UP Master’s name was “Teacher Qiao”.