Online QQ group make money

Online QQ group make money

Pei Qian felt much better after reading these ratings. His appetite increased. Especially the last message. It was full of righteousness and utterance. It completely affirmed that the OTTO cell phone had no future. It made Pei Qian feel good.

The only pity was these people did not understand how this industry worked. Selling just 3,000 units made Boss Pei profit 12 million yuan. He would have made a net profit of more than a million yuan even if he returned profits to the other departments. Wouldn’t Boss Pei die if he really sold 30,000 units?

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Pei Qian took another look at the player rating of Be Quiet. Players were still arguing about the purchase threshold of this game. There was a very intense discussion about the game itself. The sales volume for the game was increasing, but less than 10,000 copies had been sold so far.

It was a flop compared to the previous games!

Pei Qian was elated. He designed this dissuasion process carefully. It was obviously effective and remarkable!

Of course, there was no lack of criticism. The most contentious point amongst the players on the internet was also here.

Many players were already simmering with anger when Be Quiet first released, but they could not buy it directly. Some of them even wanted to dismiss the game altogether when they found out they had to perform ARG decryption.

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The ARG took one whole week to solve and when many people wanted to buy it with joy, they found that there were even prerequisites!

This prerequisite required nearly an hour to complete. It was a horror game; some people who did not have a webcam at home had to get a webcam. The Lonely Desert Road and Game Designer might be free, but there was no motivation for people who had never played it to play or even download it.

No matter what, all these steps made many players back out. It caused huge arguments even now.

Some players said that Tengda Games had become arrogant. They let go of themselves and did totally meaningless publicity. That affected game sales, which equated to the game waiting to die out. Some players also said that such a method screened out players and prevented the impatient novice players from entering the game. They could then purify the game environment and enhance the game experience. It was part of the game marketing strategy. Moreover, it seemed to be very successful currently.

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Pei Qian watched these debates with vigor. Pei Qian wanted to tell everyone that they were all right!

He did hope for the game to die out; he was indeed screening players. They were all referring to the same matter!

In addition to the two types of people arguing fiercely, some posts made Pei Qian sigh with the great wisdom of the public.

A player named ‘super general’ posted a detailed guide on how to pass the preconditions, including how long to drive in The Lonely Desert Road, how to select the options in Game Designer, and how to maneuver in TPDb website.

The best thing was that this player also worked out the ultimate play for the final level test: find a piece of paper and dig a hole on it to cover the screen so that you only need to keep your eyes on that small area beneath the hole. You would be completely unaffected by the ghost around the screen.

The ultimate test originally required more than half an hour of trial and strong willpower to succeed. This method meant that many could pass in a single attempt.