Mobile phone online typing platform download

Mobile phone online typing platform download

“Ahaha… t-thanks.”

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I made another awkward smile when he started talking as if he was acting. And then I tilted my head in confusion.

“Why are you here, too? By any chance, are you looking for the same game?”

“Huh? Oh, well, something like that.”

Truthfully, I’m looking for someone who is looking for the game. I didn’t try to explain that since it would be confusing.

Miyamoto-san, with a grim expression, mumbled “Is that so…”.

“It looks like this game is a popular one. …I should put in more effort.”

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“…Um, by any chance, do you normally have no interest in games?”

I asked because I was interested. No, rather, I thought that he would know the name of the title if he had an interest in games.

Miyamoto-san scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Truthfully, yea. I heard that this was really popular these days, so I became interested. But I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, so I was starting to get annoyed.”

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“Hah… I see.”

I didn’t know Kurikure was popular enough to attract the attention of non-gamers. That would certainly cause stock to drop a lot quicker, too.

“(…Although, in that case, I wish people that are more interested in games would be able to get a copy… At least, if there was only one copy and both Tendo-san and this man were there, I would definitely want Tendo-san to get it.)”

In this case, it’s not that bad, but if people who weren’t interested didn’t buy any copies, the ones who actually played games would be able to buy it.

While I was thinking, the clerk gave us the bad news.

“Ah, it looks like Crystal Cradle 3 is not in stock. I’m sorry.”

“I see… Alright. Sorry for troubling you. Well then!”

Miyamoto-san left the place in a gallant manner. I also started walking in the same direction. He was scratching his cheek and mumbling to himself.