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“Evidence? I don’t have anything like that.”

“In other words, we don’t know the truth yet. Therefore, the situation has been put on hold. The outcome will be decided on who the actual perpetrator is.”

“I don’t know anything except that I’m innocent. I want money for my troubles.”

“He says so himself, but as of now, there’s not much credibility. If, as Sudou says, there is an eyewitness, the situation may change. If there are any witnesses to the fight, please raise your hands.”

Chiyabashira-sensei kept talking with an indifferent voice. No student raised their hands.

“Too bad Sudou, but it seems like no one here was a witness.”

“…Looks that way.”

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When Chiyabashira-sensei looked at Sudou with doubtful eyes, he looked down at his desk.

“In order to look for a witness, each teacher is informing their class about the situation.”

“Hah!? You told everyone!?”

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The school probably can’t do anything else. Since Sudou raised the possibility of a witness, each class in the school had to be asked in order to find such a person.

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For Sudou, who had intended to hide the incident, this was not a good situation.


Sudou’s plan of keeping it within our group had already failed.

“Anyway, that’s all. We’ll most likely get a final decision by next Tuesday, taking the presence or absence of evidence into consideration. Homeroom is now over.”

Chiyabashira-sensei left the room, with Sudou quickly leaving right after. He probably knew that he would get mad at someone if he stayed in the room.

“Hey, isn’t Sudou the worst?”