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Obviously, Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform was working hard to connect Huang Wang and the DGE Club, creating an invincible image of the DGE Club in the minds of fans.

Previously, if they were to search the keyword ‘DGE Club’, they would basically not be able to find anything useful. The club did not make an official website because there was no need for it.

However, searching ‘DGE Club’ now would get them a long list of results immediately!

The first result would be the live-stream of Huang Wang. The second would be Wikipedia. After that would be posts on various platforms and forums as well as news from many websites.

“First Place Amongst GOG Club Is Unexpected?”

“Unveiling the Mysterious DGE Club”

“The Captain of Team Two From DGE Club Signs with Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform...”

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“This Club Trashed H4 Club Previously, Pang Ling: In despair”

“DGE Club: GOG’s Official Secret Weapon?”

“The Mysterious Training Method of DGE Club: Leaked”

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“There are Rumors that Huang Wang was a Boxer who Transited to Esports, is It True?”

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“Shocking! Local Whale Smashed Ten Rockets, the Live-Streamer actually Did This...”

Old Zhou knew immediately that it must be the work of Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform when he saw these results! It was necessary to maximize the commercial value since they had now signed Huang Wang up and sponsored the DGE Club.

Some of these contents were deliberately made by Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform to generate enough heat and discussions on the internet. Some contents shamelessly used marketing titles.