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Each thrust could be seen clearly as though time itself had stopped.

I avoided the looming blade perfectly with minimal movement, and

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「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

I returned a counterattack with eight slashes.

「Ahaha… That won’t work!」

Dodriel cut off three of the slashes and firmly stepped on my shadow in that gap.

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At that moment, the remaining five slashes passed through Dodriel’s body.

「Kuh, the『Shadow World』, huh…」

His body was now in a different world due to the ability of〈Shadow Ruler〉.

When it comes to breaking this, I need to use World Judgement.

(…I’m sure even he is fully aware of that.)

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「Ahaa! Of course, I’ll avoid your『World Judgement』!」

Dodriel, who read my thoughts, had an innocent smile plastered on his face.