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As I was feeling disinterested, Uehara-kun showed his obvious fatigue as he smoothed things over.

"Why are the two of you so quick to bicker… And you are criticizing each other’s appearance right? That’s not good. Although it’s true that Amano is a virgin shortie.”

I glared at my friend who was not neutral at all. He ignored me and smiled amiably at Chiaki.

"Hoshinomori, I think your hair is nice. Natural curl looks great on girls, and has a feel that artificial curls can’t replicate. How could he call you a seaweed head, I can’t stand him…”

Uehara-kun seemed to be saying this seriously, he even scratched his head as he glared at me in bewilderment… I-I didn’t think Chiaki’s hair was that bad, I was just getting back at her for badmouthing me…

Chiaki looked at Uehara-kun with a dazed look of admiration… Her eyes were just like how I looked at Tendo-san some time ago.

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I can understand how she feels… After all, I admire Uehara-kun too.

How should I put this, maybe he had a certain charm that attracts nerds? The subject himself probably wouldn’t be happy about this though.

Right now, we were seated at the back of Class F, with three chairs placed around one table. And of course, there was some distance between Chiaki and me, with Uehara-kun in the middle, his elbow on the desk.

It had been 40 minutes since we started talking after school. We went all out since the beginning in a continuation of yesterday’s fight. And so, even with Uehara-kun mediating as a neutral, it only shifted how we feel about him, while our relationship showed no signs of warming.

With the issue at an impasse, Uehara-kun finally muttered impatiently:

“Why is your relationship so bad? It might not sound nice, but to me, the two of you are the same kind. For someone like me who couldn’t get what you two are arguing about, I think you two get along superbly well… Hey, don’t make such an obviously repulsive face!”

Uehara-kun yelled when they saw the expressions we were making. I glanced at Chiaki, and she glared back at me through the gaps of her seaweed…

“Don’t duel with your eyes! Sigh… you two are really…!”

Uehara-kun ruffled his hair hard. After exchanging looks, we tried to speak in a non-hostile tone.

"…… How far had you played ‘Aegis VIII’?”

I started the conversation. Seaweed head… No, Chiaki answered as she averted her gaze.

"… E-Erm…… I-I reached the ‘hidden village of the elves’...”