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“She doesn’t seem like that sort of student to me though…”

“If it’s just spreading rumors, it won’t exactly count as a crime after all.”

“That’s not true. Regardless of the veracity, it’s’s categorized that way when targeted towards a large number of people. It’s possible to sue.”

“If we’re talking about being out there in society then there’s no doubt about that.”

But high school is still high school. This is an isolated space filled with underaged students. It’s not like it’s being written on the internet too for the whole world to see.

“So you’re saying it doesn’t count as a crime.”

Even if society cannot hand down punishment, it’s still possible for the school to hand down punishment at its discretion.

But it would be difficult to pinpoint the source of the rumors. The reason a variety of rumors were spread is so that if asked, they can simply say they heard it from someone else during day-to-day conversation and that’ll be the end of that.

The school won’t be able to investigate beyond that and in the end, it’ll peter out.

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All it can do is to warn the perpetrators to not thoughtlessly spread rumors any more than that. After all, I’m certain that the plan to crush Ichinose has been gradually implemented over time.

There’s no doubt it’s Sakayanagi pulling the strings behind the scenes. But there’s still not very many people aware of this.

“What did Ichinose do in response?”

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“I don’t know that much. It’s not like we’re close or anything. Besides, if I carelessly approach, suspicion may fall on us.”

“Well, it’s true that playing the role of the observer is the wisest thing to do.”

“But...I wonder if a tasteless strategy like this will work on Ichinose-san.”

“What do you mean?”

“No matter how malicious the slander may be, the amount of damage it can inflict is limited. Ichinose-san’s reputation throughout the school is something even I’m aware of. This sort of harassment is too miserable to be done out of envy like you said earlier.”

“Then you’re saying it’s a strategic mistake then?”