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There is no typing on the Internet.

“Soon, the final career award submission and the selection of the matches for the graduation anniversary will be announced. If you have good results in your three years, you’re sure to get your desired career path.... Well, there is no doubt that the Imperial Knights will be selected for the match. Graduating from the academy and getting the job you want isn’t your goal, it’s a start. Now you’re just doing a pre-start preparation exercise. It’s up to you to get to the starting line, how you run from there and what kind of goal you want to achieve after you graduate. So you don’t have to listen because you already know the content of the class perfectly, but you still listen. A guy who neglects the preparation exercise can lead to failure. Do you understand?”

The instructor pokes my head while he was preaching and returned to the platform again, laughing.

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Geez, so hot-blooded...

『Hoh~... 』

Then, the Demon King, who listened to the sermon from the instructor to me, nodded as if impressed...

『The class is deplorable, but he does have some decent things to say, that teacher.』

So, now he’s praising the instructor he called horrid a while ago.

Well, I understand what I was told, and I agree to a point.

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Or rather, when the Great Demon King gives recognition to a human being, I should recognize them too.

“So, Earth. Answer this history question about the demon army I’m going to issue now. If you can’t answer... It’s supplementary lesson after school for you!”


『What!? Such inconvenience... I was promised to visit the city afterwards. Do not take supplementary lessons.』

A sudden question. If I can’t answer, I’ll have to make up for it.... Not good, I was talking to the Demon King, and wasn’t paying attention to the lesson.

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“The 【Three Major Magic Eyes】 that exist in the world of humanity and the demons. Name these three, further name the Magic Eye that the Great Demon King Tre’ainar was said to have and its abilities... Answer it all.”

“A, all the abilities!?”