Don't make money on the Internet.

Don't make money on the Internet.

“Such strict rules.”

Pei Qian checked through the 200 violations and his plans were eliminated one after another.

Speculating in property and purchasing of cryptocurrency were all banned by the system.

He could engage in normal investments and wealth management but their annual returns were too little to satisfy him.

Through the 200 violations, Pei Qian was not only limited in Profit activities, he was also limited for the Loss activities.

All in all, he was banned from doing anything illegal.

Pei Qian continued tapping on the screen to head to the next step.

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<Profit Loss Conversion Ratio being generated randomly...>

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<Profit Conversion Ratio is at 100:1. Loss Conversion Ratio is at 1:1>

“Eh, hold on. This ratio...”

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Pei Qian looked at it carefully, realizing that there seemed to be a bug.

Wasn’t the Loss Conversion Ratio overly high?

If he were to lose all of the System Funds, he could convert all of it to his Personal Wealth!

Losing money would be a winning situation for him!

“I was given such a great Conversion Ratio through a random generation? Lady Luck must be smiling at me!”