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Wolf Fang live-stream headquarters.

Zhao Xuming had just arrived and was planning to discuss the ICL broadcasting rights with Wolf Fang’s Vice-President, Zhu Yan.

Wolf Fang Live-Stream was a late star, unlike veteran live-stream platforms such as Waiwai Live-Stream and ZZ Live-Stream. However, it was developing very quickly and the financial resources behind it could not be underestimated.

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What’s more, Wolf Fang Live-Stream was a platform for relatively ‘straight men’. The main content of the live-stream was the game business. Most of the live-streamers were more down-to-earth.

That was why Zhao Xuming had specially made a trip here to find a breakthrough point.

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Previously, several major live-stream platforms had unanimously felt that ICL’s broadcasting rights were too expensive and wanted to work together to lower the price. On the one hand, Zhao Xuming had released the ICL’s promotional video and bought a lot of popularity, creating the illusion that ICL was very popular and anticipated; on the other hand, he had tried to contact and persuade these live-stream platforms separately.

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Wolf Fang Live-Stream’s main business was in gaming and they were very rich. What’s more, its headquarters was in Shanghai. It was top priority in all aspects.

The two quickly got down to business after exchanging pleasantries in the guest room.

Zhao Xuming asked. “Boss Zhu, you should have seen the ICL promotional video, right?”

Zhu Yan nodded. “Yes, I saw it. It was indeed very well shot! The players, Shanghai’s scenery, and the hero characters in the game were all combined together, giving people a refreshing feeling.”

“Especially the scene where the five members of FV Team appeared. A large number of bullet screen comments almost covered the entire screen. It can be seen how popular they are.”

“The publicity film’s popularity and response were quite good after it was released. It was indeed unexpected.”

Zhao Xuming smiled. “Of course.”

“Boss Zhu, some live-stream platforms think that ICL’s broadcasting rights are a little high. I understand that very well. After all, from the popularity of the game, IOI is indeed far from GOG.”

“However, we have to take into account the future popularity.”

“Finger Games has decided to spend a lot of money to promote IOI domestically. You should have heard some news, right? We invested a lot for the promotional video this time, but it’s only an appetizer. There will be more publicity in the future.”