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Even if Pei Qian wanted stability, shouldn’t he have at least planned to expand towards the other cities in Handong Province like Luzhou City or Lincheng City?

Li Shi had been waiting for Boss Pei to open new Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branches in these cities, so that he could invest in the surrounding area and earn a profit.

However, even after so long, Boss Pei did not show any signs of doing so.

It was almost as if he was abandoning Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and cutting all ties with the business even though it had finally turned its losses to profits.

It was so strange!

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Thus, Li Shi could finally hold it in no longer today. He wanted to find out Boss Pei’s explanation.

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“Boss Pei, it seems like you’ve been very busy. I haven’t seen you drinking at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in a while. Your businesses are now doing very well. It’s a good problem.” Li Shi started off by bootlicking Pei Qian. However, Pei Qian did not seem moved by his efforts. His businesses were doing very well. However, there was nothing good about this problem.

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Pei Qian sipped his cocktail, still looking depressed. “Boss Li, I’m very confused now.” Boss Li paused and then smiled. “Boss Pei, what’s there to be confused about? Are you confused because you’ve achieved success in every area you’ve ventured into so far? Do you feel like life is no longer challenging enough?”

Once again, Pei Qian was at a loss for words.

Boss Li’s first two sentences were right, but the last sentence was not.

More accurately put, Pei Qian felt like life was extremely challenging because he had achieved success in every area he had ventured into so far. He had been defeated so much that he was losing his fighting spirit.

Unfortunately, he could not share these problems with anyone.

Pei Qian looked at Li Shi and said earnestly, “Boss Li, you’re very experienced in making investments. You know Jingzhou City’s businesses like the back of your hand. Can you offer some guidance to the confused me?”

Li Shi paused and then grinned. “Boss Pei, you must be teasing me. I’m nothing compared to you in terms of making investments. I might know slightly more than you about Jingzhou’s businesses, but you definitely know much more than me about the way Jingzhou’s businesses would develop in the future.”

Once again, Pei Qian was at a loss for words.

I’m genuinely asking you for help; I’m not trying to bootlick you! Ai, it’s so tiring talking to successful men!