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While her movements hadn’t been those of an ordinary person, it still didn’t seem like she was the White Room student.

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Her strength was definitely praiseworthy. So much so that she probably wouldn’t lose out against an opponent like Horikita or Ibuki.

Compared to someone who hails from the White Room, however, she was far too rough around the edges.

Moreover, it would be strange for the White Room student to bring up Matsuo’s name, of all things.

So, in order to find out the truth, I patiently waited for her answer.

“I… I enrolled in this school because I wanted to avenge my childhood friend.”

“Your childhood friend? You mean─”

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“Yes. Matsuo Eiichiro.”

I felt all but certain that she was referring to the son of the very butler who had taken care of me in the past.

“I hadn’t truly realized it before enrolling here, but since this school is completely isolated from the outside world, there’s no way you could’ve known what happened, is there?”

To her credit, Nanase wasn’t exactly wrong for thinking this. However, in this case, I happened to know at least a little bit about what had happened to the Matsuo family. After all, ‘that man’ had mentioned it back when he had shown up to take me back to the White Room.

At this point, Nanase calmly began to tell me everything.

How Eiichiro had been forcibly expelled from the high school he had worked so hard to get into due to my father’s relentless scheming.

How, no matter which school he tried to apply for afterward, he ended up suffering the exact same fate, eventually leading to him giving up on pursuing higher education altogether.

How, upon finding out about this, his father had committed suicide, burning himself to death.

And how, after his father’s death, he was left to do what he could to make ends meet by working a part-time job.