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6 How can I make money online?

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The movement I have repeated for a billion years.

For me, these movements are as natural as breathing.

My thoughts cleared up and my feelings calmed down with each swing.

(A friend who boasts a demonic god-like strength, huh…)

A monster even Rocks Valencia, the founder of the famed Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style, couldn’t defeat.

(Compared to the monster residing in my soul, I wonder which one of them is stronger…)

This is a matter of great interest for a swordsman like me.

Zeon’s “forte” can be roughly divided into two. Overwhelming output and physical ability that transcends human boundaries.

(He clads himself in extremely thick darkness, but is always flexible…)

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A half-hearted slash can’t so much as leave a graze on his skin. Rather, it is the sword that will break apart.

(And above all, his physical ability transcends what a human can perceive.)

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If I let my mind wander for even a nanosecond, he will be able to close the distance in the blink of an eye and land a devastating blow.