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After that would be afternoon recess, which was a troubling time for her. Because afternoon recess had a high chance of becoming ‘confession rejection time’, and she was becoming worse at this as time goes by. The reason was…

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“Why… Why won’t you go out with me!? As expected… as expected, someone like me can’t match up to you right!?”

The words of a boy from her same grade resounded at the back of the school campus. It was as good as their first meeting, but Tendo responded calmly and: “No, that’s not it. There are no main reasons. First of all, sorry, I don’t know you very well. And of course, I think we could still be friends in the future. There is another reason why I can’t date you, because I don’t have any──"

Desire to date a boy── When Tendo was about to finish her usual speech, the boy pressed her unexpectedly:

“Could it be… you have someone you like, Tendo-san!?"

The sudden question made Tendo Karen’s brain freeze. No, if it was the usual her, she would dismiss it with a smile and say: “No, that’s not it.” and then explain she didn’t want to date anyone right now. However, now…

For some reasons, she seemed different from the famous Tendo Karen… Her face was beet red, demeanour flustered, head bowed low as she gave a muffled and incoherent reply while covering her mouth.

“Hmm? N-No, I don’t have anyone I like, y-you idiot, how could that, be. N-N-No, that’s not it, I don’t have, don’t have any intention of dating… anyone…… Ah! I-I am not! I am not fantasizing about dating someone and feeling so blissed!”

“? Hmm? W-What? Erm… Sorry, what did you just say…? What do you think after hearing my confession…?”

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“Ah, I totally don’t want to accept. Zero willingness.”

“How harsh!”

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“Ah, I misspoke, sorry! W-Weird, I-I usually won’t turn people down so cruelly, please don’t misunderstand. Ah, but I really can’t date you──"

And so, when Tendo Karen turns down confessions in recent time, it would somehow end in a mess. For her, afternoon recess was much more troubling than before.

But after she attended all her classes, the time after school was the most blissful moment for Tendo── that used to be true.

"…Tendo? Tendo!"

The hot babe game maniac Oiso Nina of the Gamers Club── usually addressed as Nina-senpai called out to her, and Tendo Karen reacted with a start. She then realized the fighting game character she was controlling had lost a perfect defeat.

Oiso said to the dazed Tendo worriedly: