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As if telling myself, I told Sadiz that.

“I wish you the best~!”

In such a unique atmosphere, a nonchalant voice resounded in the dining hall.

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The sisters quickly stood up in a hurry and bowed their heads in greeting.


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“Ufufufu, this day has finally come, Earth.”

“It has.”

“Hmm, that is right.”

It was Kron. With a smile on her face, she looked straight into my eyes and nodded as she tried to assess who I am now.

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“Yes! Apparently full of energy, I think today’s Earth is very good.”

“I see.”

“Because of our positions, me and Jamdi’el will be watching from the special guest seat today, so in the interest of fairness, I can’t cheer for Earth alone, but I’ll be watching you closely! So, please show me, won’t you?”

Somehow, Kron’s words smoothly permeated into me.

Kron didn’t tell me “good luck” but said, “I’ll be watching”.

“Yeah. You’ll have to keep your eyes open, too.”


That was enough for me, so I nodded back to Kron.

“...... Un~...”

“Hmm? What’s the matter? Earth.”