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Even if everyone noticed me, they couldn’t kick ordinary people out of the way, so they weren’t able to chase after me right away.

Don’t look back, I’m…

“I told you to wait, hey, Earth!”

“Little man!”

“Can’t you hear me telling you to stop!”

No, there are only three of them…

“I’m sorry, Rebal, Fu, Coman! This is ――――”

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“Leave it to us! Hey, Earth!”

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Only three people scraped through the crowd, jumped out, and chased after me.

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But more than that….

“…… tch…”

Of all people, those three. Darn……

『…… Hou~, Mamu is a matter of course, that the other two are capable…. even if they cannot catch up with you in the breakthrough state, they will never be so far away that they lose sight you…』


『When your time expires… they might be able to catch up, will they not?』

Once the breakthrough is lifted, you can catch up. I agreed with what Tre’ainar told me.

I mean of course. Even at the best of times, I’m pretty tired.

And there were three of them.