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“There was an event manual, right? Ultimately, everyone was having a hard time understanding the rules…”

“There wasn’t even a discussion in the first place. It was a complete waste of time.”

Keisei let out an exasperated sigh.

Apparently, our discussion during yesterday’s lunch break hadn’t been enough for everyone to get a grasp of the rules. From the looks of it, the discussion after school yesterday ended once everybody had gotten on the same page. If that’s what had happened, it would’ve been fairly typical of Class C.

“Besides, the problem isn’t just our class.”

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“What’s that mean, Yukimuu?”

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“There are only so many places on campus where a bunch of students can meet up, right?”

“Well, it’s definitely impossible for forty people to meet up at karaoke or some place at the mall. What of it?”

“I was the first person to leave the classroom after the discussion finished yesterday… When I walked into the hallway, there were some Class A students lingering just outside the door.”

Haruka and Airi exchanged confused glances with each other.

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At first, Akito didn’t seem to understand what Keisei was getting at either, but after a moment, he realized it.

“…You’re saying they were spying on us?”