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“A recording of another class's strategy meeting isn’t something that’s easy to get your hands on. How did you get that kind of thing? Ryūen-kun had said there was a spy, but you don’t have a deep enough connection with someone who would expose Class C, do you?”

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Of course, Horikita wouldn’t know about the incident on the cruise ship between Karuizawa and Class C’s Manabe.

"I used every means at my disposal. Getting that audio file was just exercising one of them.”

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"There's another thing. I'm angry that you backed me up on your own, it means that you’re acting on the premise that I will fail. But, I guess it actually turned out how you expected, so I can’t really argue with it. Moreover, I was forbidden from looking into your affairs, so I can’t ask for the answer. It was a tricky situation… If you hadn’t done something, I would… Thank you.”

“That’s a very roundabout thank you.”

I thought I was going to be severely criticized and wasn’t expecting her to finally give her thanks.

“I had promised to cooperate to a certain extent, so I will at least do that much.”

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“Although I think this may be an unnecessary intercession, is it okay to make such conspicuous movements? Because of this incident, Ryūen-kun should now be entirely convinced that there is someone in Class D working behind the scenes. Logically, you’re still a candidate on his list. I think the peaceful days that you like so much are going to be in jeopardy.”

Horikita is right. The situation is not what I was expecting.

But that wish is hard to imagine now anyways. Chabashira-sensei had vaguely brought up that man, plus there’s Sakayanagi who knows my past. Ultimately, no one knows what will happen in the end. In the future, the existence of Horikita may become a trump card.

In short, I’m desperately looking for what to do to stabilize my life moving forward.

Horikita waited for my answer with a look saying ‘What do you think?’

“Oh yeah… Hold on.”

“You think for so long and can’t even answer. I'm beginning to lose my understanding of you as a person.”

“You didn't know me from the beginning.”

“That’s true.”

In any case, Horikita doesn’t have the leisure time to concentrate on Ryūen or me.