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Didn’t that mean that he could break the dimensional wall and get close to the lady in the Fitness Battle?

“Animal Island” might be very fun but it was a group of cute animals after all. They were mainly there to hunt and farm.

No one would have any improper thoughts about the fox girl and the rabbit sister in “Animal Island”, right?

However, the Fitness Battle was different. There were ready-made and well-dressed ladies inside.

Qiao Liang had worked so hard in the Fitness Battle previously and created a full set of uniforms and dresses for the ladies. He could now see them in the VR!

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This was simply unbearable.

Qiao Liang immediately chose to download it.

The VR version of the Fitness Battle could be downloaded and operated in the VR glasses because its configurations and game capacity were lower than that of Animal Island. Thus, there was no need to use a computer to cast the screen.

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‘Fitness Battle’ was a mobile game after all.

If players had smart fitness drying racks to begin with, they would only need to buy VR glasses to experience the Fitness Battle VR version. They would not need to have a computer. This undoubtedly greatly reduced the threshold of the experience.

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In the afternoon, Che Rong was instructing a few employees to make arrangements in one of Star Bird Fitness’ new shops near the Great World.

“Move this row of machines to the side a little closer to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The field of vision would be better.”