How to make customer service online

How to make customer service online

If ‘Mission and Choice’ was really impressive, why did it not go to the first tier time slot and go to an unpopular slot? Obviously, the producers themselves did not have confidence in the movie.

What was there to be afraid of?

What’s more, ‘Furious Sea Warship’ was screening at the May 1st slot and had its own traffic. Even if its box office performance was average, it would definitely be much better than ‘Mission and Choice’ which was released at an unpopular period.

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May 1st was the first day of screening for ‘Greyhound’. On the other hand, ‘Mission and Choice’ had been screening for two weeks. It was already an arrow at the end of its flight, and the box office was definitely crushing.

No matter how he thought about it, it was stable!

The person-in-charge immediately nodded. “No problem, Boss Lu. I’ll arrange it now!”

April 10th, Tuesday...

Tengda Corporation, marketing department.

A young man named Yu Yao from the marketing department was in charge of receiving them when Xia Jiang arrived with the interview team from the official platform.

Meng Chang specially found an excuse to not come today to avoid this interview.

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“Chief Editor Xia, hello, hello, please come in.” Yu Yao welcomed everyone from the interview team into the guest room.

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The advertising and marketing department was similar to Tengda’s other departments in terms of working environment. As there were fewer people, it looked more spacious.

Xia Jiang scanned the surroundings of the Advertisement and marketing department and confirmed her previous speculation.