How free advertising is available online

How free advertising is available online

「Is it perhaps… Rize-san?」

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Rodis-san nodded.

「I went through a lot to get a face-to-face meeting with the『Bloody Fox』. That woman really does know everything. 70%!o(MISSING)f all my property was taken in return for information, but thanks to that, my preparations are done.」

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He made a fist, and said so with fighting spirit flaring in his eyes.

Then, Ria and Rose, who were listening to the story silently so far, continued to ask more questions.

「But marching into the middle of the enemy’s camp… Isn’t it too reckless?」

「And if the『Lord of House Arcstria』perpetrated such an attack, wouldn’t the Empire bare its fangs at us?」

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「I am fully aware it’s reckless. Don’t worry about that. There will be no evidence that I’m the one who attacked the Empire. After all, on that day, I’m going to wrap that around my belly」

Where his gaze lay, there was a large number of bombs connected in a circle.


「If Sie’s rescue fails, I’m going to blow myself up immediately. I will be blown to pieces, making it impossible to identify me. And if I succeed, then there’s no problem. For nobles,『face』is more important than life. “A single intruder snatching away the bride” – such a disgraceful matter would be buried in darkness by any means. So, one way or another, the relationship between the Ringard and the Empire will remain friendly on the surface. It’s a plan that doesn’t cause trouble for Tenshi-sama.」

Rodis-san said so with terrifyingly calm eyes, which were resolved for『death』.

「W-Why… Why are you devoted to Tenshi-sama so much!?」