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Having lost his ground in more ways than one, Sudō put forward a desperate show of resistance, but given his position, there wasn’t much he could do.

With his target completely immobilized, Hōsen began applying pressure on his hold, as if trying to cram him into the wall itself.

“Kh! S-son of a bitch!”

Sudō latched onto Hōsen’s arms and, despite his limited space, struck a blow with his knee, causing Hōsen to stagger slightly.

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He then took advantage of the opportunity to free himself from Hōsen’s grasp, only for Hōsen to land a direct kick moments later. While Sudō had prepared himself to withstand the blow, the sheer force of it sent him smashing into the wall behind.

The two had appeared to be an equal match for one another before the fight began, but after seeing the way it had been progressing, the difference between them was considerable.

Given his tendency to constantly make enemies out of others, Sudō had most likely been involved in several fights before this.

His athletic skill and physique had been honed throughout years of playing basketball, so he had probably never met somebody who could match up to him before.

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Hōsen, however, was even more exceptional. Compared to Sudō, Hōsen had probably taken part in an inconceivable number of fights and braved his way through countless other dangerous situations. The difference in experience was as clear as day. His large build and strong arms felt out-of-place given that there was only a one year age gap between them. And yet, despite his massive size, he was still remarkably quick on his feet. His natural talent was certainly a sight to behold.

This was the reason why even Ryūen of all people had restrained himself from fighting him.

Ryūen knew that he simply wasn’t an opponent that could be beaten in straightforward hand-to-hand combat.

But even so, Sudō wouldn’t go down that easily. After all, his sheer strength went nearly unparalleled out of everyone in our school year. However, that simply meant that he’d be Hōsen’s punching bag until he did.

Hōsen proceeded to unleash an unrelenting barrage of punches down on Sudō.

Even though Sudō wanted to seize any opportunity he could to strike back, he already had his hands full with parrying Hōsen’s attacks.

Every time he tried to shift onto the offensive, even if only slightly, another blow would come and instantly pierce through his defenses.