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Zhang Yuan might not have said why the players were discouraged, but that was very easy to guess!

The training schedule of the DGE club was so unreasonable, without much time to train in games with their daily fitness regime. It was normal to be beaten by professional players from other clubs!

Obviously because they had been beaten too harshly, their morale totally collapsed and missed home.

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Most welcome!

And it had to be a warm welcome!

Pei Qian counted on his fingers. It would be the 20th soon, which could be arranged directly at Ming Yun Private Kitchen. He would call on the Deposit Fitness branch manager together to celebrate.

I want to send everyone a wrong message:

Even if we were beaten in our mock competitions—even if the gym was losing money, Boss Pei would not care and still invite us to enjoy ourselves!

The DGE club and Deposit Fitness would always be stable as long as everyone could understand this point!

The more Pei Qian thought about, the more perfect this plan was. He replied immediately, “Okay, come back! I’m booking a room for us in the nameless restaurant to welcome the team home!”

July 20th, Wednesday...

DGE E-Sports Club...