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Online make money advertising reliable?

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Then, he could look for other investors to invest in the company. Wouldn’t it be easy for the company’s market value to exceed a hundred million yuan?

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Meng Chang continued.

“Boss He, the name of my entrepreneurship project is—Cold-Faced Lady!”

On the PowerPoint, the brand ‘Cold-Faced Lady’ logo appeared. It was squarish, like a seal. The characters were in traditional chinese but its font was not in small seal script or regular script. Instead, it was an elegant flowery character with beautiful patterns as embellishments.

It was just like Meng Chang. He was neither too flashy nor too old-fashioned which gave a pretty good first impression.

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Meng Chang continued, “Simply put, Cold-Faced Lady will be an internet roasted cold noodles brand!”

“How did this concept come about? Actually, it originated from my thinking about the internet business model over the years.

“The most important part of Internet thinking is cross-border thinking. When two seemingly unrelated things are linked together, an unprecedented business opportunity would burst out. This ability is what most people lack.”

“I used to work in the marketing department. At that time, my boss, who was also the president of the marketing department, was a big shot who emphasized ‘cross-border thinking’. He was originally a famous host, and later became the president of the creative brand and the marketing department. All of them achieved brilliant results.

“Therefore, in the age of the Internet, entrepreneurs must also be the discoverers of new business models, multifaceted people who dare to cross over!

“My experience in the marketing department allowed me to see many cases of ‘cross-border success’, especially the internet and catering model. It’s definitely a hot topic now!”

“Why did I combine the internet and the roasted cold noodles? Next is my detailed analysis of the current market environment and prospects.”

“First of all, the current domestic food and beverage market is facing a serious test. Apart from a few high-end restaurants that are thriving, most of them are dying. On the other hand, the mass food and beverage is gradually moving forward and becoming mainstream. Fast food and snack brands are welcoming an unprecedented opportunity.”

“We all know that high-end food and beverages are very difficult to make.”