What is going on online excavation?

What is going on online excavation?

“Don’t worry. I’m used to stuff like this. More importantly, Sakayanagi…”

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“Yes? What is it?”

“Let’s officially have our match in the next exam.”

As I spoke, Sakayanagi’s eyes seemed to widen in surprise.

“I never expected that you would say that sort of thing to me face-to-face.”

“If that man is going to be involved starting in April, I don’t think I can afford to compete with you for very long. I’ll make it obvious to you where things stand and leave it with that.”

“That’s fine with me. I won’t need a second or third time. I will gladly accept the privilege of being your opponent.”

The final exam of the first year would begin soon, and that would mark the end of the confrontation Sakayanagi was hoping for.

(Part 8 End)

Amongst the students, at least some of them were probably wondering if Yamauchi would still be here.

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Wondering if the expulsion had been nothing more than a bluff.

However, reality was not so merciful.

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Since the events of the weekend, the number of desks in the classroom had decreased by one.