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“Points are only a byproduct of our efforts in class. Not having any points won’t hinder our school life. After all, this school provides everything for free at some capacity.”

Even if you think that, this is relief for those who lost all their points.

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“Won’t hinder our school life, huh…”

It’s not an issue for living on bare minimum. However, there are a lot of things that can only be obtained by points. For example, leisure and entertainment. Not having any means of entertainment will probably only hurt us in the future…

“Last month, how many points did you use Ayanokouji-kun?”

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“Hmm? Oh, how many points I used. I used roughly 20,000 points.”

The students who used up all their points were in trouble. Like Yamauchi, who had been panicking for some time now.

Ike also spent all his points.

“Even though I think it’s unfortunate, they’re paying for their own mistakes.”

Certainly, using up all 100,000 points in a single month is a small problem.

“We were baited by the lure of the points in the first month…”

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100,000 points a month. Even though we thought it was too good to be true, everyone celebrated.

“Everyone, once classes starts, I ask that everyone pays attention earnestly. Especially you, Sudou-kun.”

Hirata attracted the attention of the noisy classroom by standing up at the podium.

“Tch, what is it.”

“This month, we didn’t get any points. This is a problem that will hugely affect our future student life. We can’t go on like this and graduate with 0 points, can we?”

“Definitely not!”

One girl shouted at Hirata’s words. Hirata gave a gentle nod.

“Of course not. So, we have no choice but to try and get some points next month. That’s why everyone in the class has to work together to fix our problem. We should refrain from being late to and talking during class. Naturally, using cell phones during class is also prohibited.”