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Wu Bin’s words made Cui Geng suddenly realize a problem. His entertainment and rest had no purpose!

That was why he felt empty often.

Take an hour of afternoon nap for instance. Some take naps out of procrastination and to avoid work. However, they still had to finish their tasks when they woke up. He might think that his job might have been half done if he did not take the one-hour nap.

He would feel empty at this time and felt that his time was wasted.

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However, some people took naps in order to maintain a better mental state and finish the afternoon’s work in a better mental state. They would immediately devote themselves to work when they wake up.

This time, the nap was filled with meaning which was why he would not feel empty.

Entertainment held the same reasoning. Rest and entertainment were essential parts of life. However, they could not become everything

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A person’s ultimate value was still what he produced.

It was a very simple truth, but Cui Geng found that he had never seen it before.

He had a worry-free life because of the windfall from the resettlement projects. He was unable to concentrate on his creation, but playing games every day did not bring him happiness… only endless emptiness.

He had never understood where his emptiness came from.

Today, Boss Pei threw him into the entertainment room for a day of games and then got Wu Bin to nudge him a little. He immediately understood.

Cui Geng’s brows relaxed as he said his own understanding. “So, the Tengda spirit should be…”

“Encouraging rest and entertainment. However, rest and entertainment were meant to adjust one’s own state to better realize one’s value.”

Wu Bin was noncommittal. “What else?” Cui Geng frowned as he continued thinking. “If I were to place the Tengda spirit on myself…

“The reason why I became the person in class with the slowest releases was because I do not possess such a spirit.

“My rest and entertainment were just because I was lazy and resisting work. My time was wasted. In fact, if I can combine rest, entertainment, and work; I can fully guarantee my rest and entertainment time while increasing my output at the same time…

“I’d exploded too much recently and did not construct the plots and content well. That was also the result of me opposing work. I need to adjust my mentality urgently…

“In any case…