Are you really real money?

Are you really real money?

“That’s because we have a great indoor pool. That reminds me, Kushida, you were really fast. To the point that it’s impossible to imagine you being bad in middle school.

“You too, Ayanokouji—you were pretty fast.”

“No, I’m just normal. I also don’t like exercising much.”

“Is that so? But Ayanokouji-kun looks pretty solid. Even though you’re thin, you look as well-built as Sudou.”

Kushida looked at me in surprise. I feel 10 times more nervous than when Horikita looked at me.

“There’s no special reason; I was just born with it. That’s the truth.”

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The conversation revolved around my physical health. Even though I’m nervous, I feel oddly satisfied. It was only for a short while this time, but I want to talk with Kushida alone.

“Wow, Koenji’s fast. I thought it would be Sudou’s victory, but… what is this, Ayanokouji!”

It looks like Koenji beat Sudou by about 5 meters for the victory. The commentating Ike suddenly turned to me with a face of a demon.

“What, why me? I didn’t do anything.”

“That’s not it!”

He whispered to me while putting his arm over my shoulders.

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“I’m aiming for Kushida-chan, so don’t get in the way.”

I’m not trying to get in the way, but there are things in the world that are possible and things that aren’t. I don’t think Kushida is the type of girl to go for someone like Ike.

Of course, she wouldn’t go for me either.

“Kikyou-chan, do you want to stop by a cafe on the way home?”

“Un, let’s go! Ah, but wait a bit. I want to ask one more person.”

After inviting one of her female friends, Kushida walked towards Horikita while putting a book in her bag.

“Horikita-san. I’m going to the cafe with my friend—if you’d like, would you like to join?”