Is it true that the online part-time job call is really true?

Is it true that the online part-time job call is really true?


Secretary Lilim-Tsuorine.

Accountant Ferris-Magdalot.

The undefeated Ria and Rose, were unable to lift a finger against the both of them.

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「S-Sorry, Allen…」

「We failed…」

「Don’t worry. I’m glad you two were not injured.」

After calling out to Ria and Rose, I glanced back.

「As expected of Lilim and Ferris! With this, the victory of the Student Council Executives is determined!」

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「Well, it’s a natural outcome.」

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「We won, but they were stronger than expected? Are they really first-year students? …I’m starting to doubt if their age is false?」

The members of the student council were happily exchanging high-fives.

(To think there was this much difference in basic abilities…)

While thinking about that, when I glanced at the members of the student council executives,

「Now, the student council executives have won two consecutive wins! The defeat of the practice-swing club has already been decided, but this is the finals! So we’re going through with the General match!」

The commentator resumed the announcement, and the audience’s cheer voltage rose rapidly.

「Then, let’s go! The General of Practice-Swing Club! He overpowered the soul dress user at the Big Five Holy Festival, but was disqualified and suspended from academy due to poor behavior! The problem child of Thousand Blade Academy! Allen-Rodore!」

Yup… they got it right.