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On the Internet, what is the meaning of moving brick making money?

This could completely improve customers’ overall experience of the snack street, improve their mentality of shopping in the snack street, and make them lower their guard.

The experience would affect the reputation of the Cold-Faced Lady.

Rui Yuchen concluded. “Therefore, this pricing strategy completely fits Boss Pei’s entire plan!”

“It’s a pity that you did not realize this earlier.”

“If you had thought of it earlier, you would have set the price to this level before Boss Pei arrived. That way, Boss Pei would definitely appreciate you!”

Zhang Yahui could not help but feel regretful when he heard this.

“Sigh, it looks like I’ve given it too little thought!”

“If only you had come two days earlier!”

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Rui Yuchen smiled. “It’s alright, it’s not a big problem.”

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“As the person-in-charge of your first project, it is already very outstanding for Boss Pei to only give one opinion.”

“Boss Pei will definitely take notice as long as we continue to work hard!”

Qi Yan nodded. “You’ve completed the task at the snack market. The next step will be on the Cold-Faced Lady!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that both Boss Pei and you won’t be disappointed.”

June 20th, Wednesday morning.

After two days of intense preparation, the snack market was finally about to officially open.

All the vendors were already in position. Fresh ingredients had also been arranged early in the morning. They were just waiting to officially start operations.

Logically speaking, the timing was not perfect.

It was Wednesday after all, and it was the morning opening. No matter how he thought about it, it was the time with the least traffic in a week.