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I switched the target from Rose to〈Winter Sakura〉, the main body.

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The moment I swung my sword overhead and unleashed a downward slash containing my full body weight,


A strong impact ran through both hands, as if hitting steel.


It’s not like I thought it was just a normal tree, but I couldn’t even get a scratch on it.

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When my eyes widened in astonishment, Rose’s voice came from behind.

「-That’s not a physical tree. It is the 『concept of tree』which is being anchored to this world. It can’t be cut so easily.」

I immediately looked back and she had already pulled out her sword.

「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style – Lightning Sakura!」

Thunderclap-like Iai slash was unleashed.

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I took a defensive posture right away, and somehow blocked the attack, but…

In the current situation, with unfavorable posture and falling behind in physical ability, I was unable to kill the momentum and ended up exposing my defenseless abdomen.

「The pay back for just now!」

She drove a sharp kick right into my abdomen.

「Ka, ha…!?」