How can I make money in addition to the store?

How can I make money in addition to the store?

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Song Kai was very happy. “Boss Li and everyone, welcome! You can call me at any time if you meet any problems during your stay!”

Li Shi and the investors received the room key and took the elevator to their rooms together. Li Shi was left alone on the 11th floor.

He wanted to step out of the elevator, but he suddenly changed his mind and pressed the 12th floor.

He was very curious; who was living on the 12th floor? Who could be one step ahead of him and show his sincerity to Boss Pei?

Could it be Tengda’s senior management or employees that were more informed than himself?

This person might have a relatively close relationship with Boss Pei. They would be neighbors in the future so it would be good to make good relationships in advance.

The elevator stopped on the top floor.

Li Shi knocked gently on the door. He was ready for there to be no one inside since Li Shi himself rented the house, not for permanent residence.

The door opened after a while.

Li Shi looked up and happened to see Boss Pei unprepared and stunned. The two of them looked at each other and were stunned for a moment.

Pei Qian thought it was Song Kai so he did not pay attention and opened the door directly. He would consider acting like he was not at home if he knew it was Boss Li.

It was all too late now.

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“Boss Li?!”