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I ejected the cassette inside the console and checked its name. Then, I can’t help but smile. After all, that game is-

(You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re making me play < Makeo Kart 128 >?)

-It’s because he was playing a racing game with a recording called a “ghost”.

“Yes, that’s why today’s stream will be a special one! For the first time, I’ll be racing against Jiraiya’s ghost. Hope you enjoy it.”

I grabbed the mic on the kotatsu and held my controller before pressing it. A title screen with adorable characters appeared on the TV.

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After pressing the start button and selecting the mode, I briefly explained the game mechanics.

“In < Makeo Kart >’s timed-attack mode, the game records the fastest time you achieved and turns into a ghost. Then, you can race with it starting from the next match. Of course, just like the name, the ghost can’t be attacked. No shooting or anything. However, the screen does look like I’m fighting against it. So, this time, I’ll be racing with Jiraiya’s data. Hope you enjoy.”

After I explained calmly, I started choosing my kart. Through some consideration, I decided to use the standard build for timed mode. It emphasizes the highest speed, drift, and engine. If this is the real deal, I would’ve fine-tuned my kart to maximize performance. However, my goal isn’t reaching the world record here. By considering the rhythm and readability of the stream, I decided doing something like will be too weird.

I added some more explanations during the course selection screen.

“Initially, the ghost is the fastest recording in each course. However, in < Makeo Kart 128 >, you get to use the recording in the latest save. So, that’s what I’ll be doing now.”

When Keita was playing < Makeo Kart >, I set all of this up for him before going to Ao’s room. At that time, I wasn’t doing it on purpose. But, right now, come to think of it, I did pretty well, right. Also…

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“Also, Jiraiya said that he played all of the courses once. So, all of the ghosts here belong to him. Well, let’s begin.”

I said that as I selected the first standard course.

The number 3 that appeared on the screen signaled the countdown. I pressed the accelerate button as I prepared to dash forward during the 2nd second. It should be okay for timed mode, right? It's impossible to mess up here. …Yes. …It’s no problem…

Suddenly, a mysteriously bad feeling flashed behind my head. At the same time, the countdown ended, and the race started!

So, as my character dashed out-


He made a huge mistake the moment we started. His ghost character is spinning on the screen.

“ It’s not a ‘ghost’ video anymore if you are left behind there! Jiraiya’s character isn’t even appearing on my screen!”