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She passed between them in an instant while maintaining her straight posture.

Then, at the next moment, Elder Sis Tsukshi and Karui had their hands and feet tied with a skipping rope.

“Wow!? H, how!?”

“Ge, ge!? Amazing! When did you tie them up!?”

The two tied up people fell rolled around on the ring as they were.

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I wonder what it was... it felt nostalgic to me...

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“I didn’t even think about it, my body just moved naturally....... I could do this too...” [1] [S1]

Sadiz nodded expressionlessly, without one heavy breath, without a single bead of sweat.

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Maybe she borrowed Elder Sis Tsukshi’s clothes, or rather, I saw Sadiz in half-sleeves and shorts for the first time.

Her bare legs, thighs and crisp buttocks!?

Huh, no, no! What’s this stimulation......

“Amazing! Six-on-one with no hands or feet!”