2016 mobile phone online earning project

2016 mobile phone online earning project

Life was as lonely as winter.

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Just as he was wallowing in self-pity, Pei Qian caught sight of a familiar figure walking into Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

“Eh? Boss Pei? A rare guest, a rare guest.”

Seeing Pei Qian in the corner and sipping coffee, Ruan Guangjian could not help but feel surprised and curious. Pei Qian, “?”

Wait, what do you mean ‘a rare guest?!

I’ve been busy working, and I haven’t had time to visit Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. However, if I’m not wrong, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe is my business, right?

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At the same time, Ruan Guangjian noticed a problem with his words. He made an embarrassed smile and said, “Ah, I’m sorry, Boss Pei. I was thinking about something, and my mind grew cramped. “This internet cafe is yours to begin with, hahaha. I have to admit, the coffee is really good.”

At the moment, Ruan Guangjian was top on the list in Boss Pei’s notebook. Teacher Qiao had been a strong competitor, but Pei Qian had made Teacher Qiao suffer before. That was why he felt much more forgiving to him.

As for the other people on the list, Pei Qian could normally force obedience out of them by making them go through roller coasters, pendulum rides, bungee jumps, and haunted houses.

Ruan Guangjian was the only one who was completely different!

He was happy and excited after sitting through roller coasters and pendulum rides! He claimed to be afraid of ghosts, and he screamed louder than anyone else upon entering a haunted house. However, once he emerged, he looked lively and full of color!

He was an unstoppable human shield who could withstand anything and everything. Pei Qian’s methods of dealing with people counted for nothing to Ruan Guangjian.

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If Pei Qian really wanted to take revenge, he would have no choice but to cause Ruan Guangjian real hurt.

However, Pei Qian was not prepared to do that yet. Thus, he had no choice but to allow Ruan Guangjian to bounce around and show off in front of him.

Pei Qian sipped his coffee and smiled. “How have things been since you’ve moved to Jingzhou? Have you adjusted to life here? If not, maybe it’ll be better if you move back to Shanghai—”

Before Pei Qian could finish speaking, Ruan Guangjian interrupted him. “Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’ve adjusted. I’ve adjusted very well! Everyone in our workspace is regretting not moving here earlier! “We should have moved to Jingzhou the moment our workspace was established!” The hand that Pei Qian was using to hold his coffee cup stopped in midair. “?”