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I took a deep breath. Then, I showed my phone and computer screen at Keita clearly before I spoke.

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“I don’t want to say this initially, but you found out already. It can’t be helped. Now’s the time to clear everything up.”


“Keita, I think you’ve realized already…It’s just like what you see, the true identity of NOBE, and Mono is actually…”


Keita came to his senses and gave me an “I’m ready!” look. I glared back at him confidently-

“…Hmm? Phew…that was a good nap…”

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-Suddenly, at the corner of my eye, someone yanked the quilt away and woke up slowly on the bed at the dark side of the room.

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Just as Keita and I are staring at each other shockingly, that person...even when she’s wearing pajamas and looks tired, still retained a sense of cuteness that’s different from me. My sister, Konoha Hoshinomori, stretched her back with a big “Phew…!” and started mumbling without bothering to look at us.

“Hiya…Sis, you’re back. I’m sorry. I wanted to watch videos initially, but I got too tired from playing hentai- I mean studying. So, I borrowed your bed to take a nap-“

Konoha finally noticed there’s someone other than me, …which is Keita. She let out a gasp right away.

“Why…are you…”

Then, while I’m not sure of the reason behind, but Konoha showed a subtle reaction to Keita that indicates she has met him somewhere before.

At this moment, my brain is operating rapidly.

Then, after I snapped out of it, I turned towards a startled Keita quickly and told him everything.