Often have a mobile phone you can make money online is true

Often have a mobile phone you can make money online is true

Short videos actually were still not that lucrative this year; viewing websites have not started to give rewards and bonuses according to viewership.

In order to profit from such videos, there were a few general ways.

One was to collaborate with advertisement companies, embedding or force-selling products within the videos. This was a more traditional method that was very common for beauty products and games. Previously, Qiao Liang—who had gained popularity from The Lonely Desert Road—had primarily done so through such sponsored partnerships.

Another way was to set up an official website or do a sideline to sell whatever one could. The possibilities for this were limitless. One could possibly rake in profits or could lose everything and go bankrupt. Professional gamers that retired from sponsored partnerships often went down this route.

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Of course, other methods were available as well. However, they were vague and unsubstantial, and ordinary video creators would not consider these ways.

Just like how online writers hoped that lesser people would read pirated versions and their subscription rates would be higher. However, as for selling distribution rights for millions or tens of millions…

That was a pipe dream; people could dream all they wanted.

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Furthermore, Pei Qian had managed to hold Zhu Xiaoce off at last, making the latter give up on low-value sponsored partnerships for now. This way, ninety-nine percent of Boss Pei’s Daily Life’s income would be stopped!

After all, to find a UP Master willing to fork out a hundred thousand for a classy and custom-made video; how rich would the owner have to be to agree to this? Wouldn’t it be better if they directly engaged the video site and buy advertising space?

Thinking about this, Pei Qian was quite assured.

Someone knocked on the door.


Lu Mingliang pushed the door and entered.

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“What’s up?” Pei Qian asked.

Game Designer’s design manuscript had been completed before the New Year. Pei Qian had also given his assent, and there probably wasn’t much that needed to be changed.