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“Boss Pei.” Li Shi came over and shook hands with Pei Qian with happiness.

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Pei Qian invited him to visit Thriller Hostel yesterday. Li Shi agreed without saying a second word.

His visit was mainly for two purposes. One was to examine the investment environment around the haunted house, and the other was to test Boss Pei’s tone and the attitude of Dream Realization Ventures towards Top Student, Come Quick’. Were they really going to exit?

Pei Qian smiled and waved at Boss Li. “Boss Li, have some tea. You’ve come a long way.”

Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong had been supervising the progress of the project here so a small office was built in advance. There were naturally snacks, drinks, tea, etc. It was very in line with the Tengda spirit.

Boss Li sat down on the sofa for one and sipped his tea while exclaiming. “I remember Boss Pei mentioned that you wanted me to be the first customer of the haunted house. I did not expect the progress of the haunted house to be so fast. It’s very in line with the Tengda efficiency.”

Hmmm... strictly speaking, you are not the first customer of Thriller Hostel since Ruan Guangjian had already experienced three small projects within it. Pei Qian thought silently.

However, Boss Li, you will be the first to experience the second big project in its entirety. There is no problem in saying you are the first customer.

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Pei Qian drank his tea and corrected Li Shi’s phrasing. “This is only the second big project of the Thriller Hostel. More than half of the work has just started so it cannot be formally operational just yet. “Moreover, this is not Tengda efficiency. Tengda never seeks speed but strives for constant improvement within a limited time.”

“Constant improvement...” Li Shi pondered for a moment before asking very seriously. “So, is this project scary?” “Ahem, ahem.” Pei Qian coughed lightly and glanced at Chen Kangtuo who was standing at the side. “How do you say this? It varies from person to person. You’ll only know after experiencing it.”

Chen Kangtuo handed the list with the content of the project to Boss Li. “This is an action to be completed in the project. Please go through it and memorize it.”

Li Shi took this piece of paper. His eyes scanned the content on it, and his eyebrows could not help but be raised.

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There are a few simple explanatory texts on it:

‘Guests can ask to terminate the challenge at any time when they feel unwell.

‘Keep in mind the various steps and execute them accurately during the challenge. You will be eligible for the third project of the Thriller Hostel when you successfully clear the process.

‘You can continue to experience the entire process even if you took the wrong steps.

There is no time limit for items you have to memorize.