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In order to get a high commission, Meng Chang would definitely rack his brains to make the games platform lose money. Therefore, his opinions were still worth reference.

After some consideration, Meng Chang said, “First of all, this platform must try its best to cut ties with Tengda.”

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up.

Well said, Meng Chang!

That was absolutely right!

Pei Qian also realized that the reason why many projects became popular so quickly was mainly because they were related to Tengda. Users and customers naturally had a good impression of them.

It was the same for gaming platforms.

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Wouldn’t gamers rush over to register if they knew that Tengda had created a gaming platform?

If other games merchants found out that Tengda had created a gaming platform, they would rush over immediately, hoping that their own games would be released.

What would he do if the game collapsed halfway?

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Thus, it was very important to hide the ‘bloodline’ of the platform and not let everyone know that it was actually Tengda’s games platform.

Of course, the truth could not be hidden forever.

However, it was good to be able to hide it for a few months, a year, and burn more money during this period.

“Very good, continue.” Pei Qian nodded in agreement.