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Hao Qiong added, “We also go to the nameless restaurant for meals regularly.”

Wu Bin was speechless.

He was finished. Wasn’t Hao Qiong messing with Wu Bin’s mind?

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Of course, Wu Bin knew about the nameless restaurant. The food there was extremely expensive. Even if one tried to hold back, having a meal there would cost two to three hundred yuan per person on average.

Most companies were not able to afford having a meal there once a month, much less more often than that!

Wu Bin was beginning to feel like there was no point in carrying on this conversation. He had to switch tactics.

He had to talk to this naive young man in front of him about dreams.

Wu Bin cleared his throat and said, “Ai, I think man should not just think about filling our tummies. Shouldn’t we try to pursue spirituality as well?”.

Hao Qiong nodded profusely. “That’s right; I was just about to say that! We can play games anytime we want in our office. All the computers are high-quality and come with dual-monitors.

“We also get an expense limit each month that we can use to top-up our games. “In addition…”

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Wu Bin quickly raised his hand, stopping Hao Qiong. “Alright, alright, alright. I understand company benefits now. However, you also need to think about career advancement.

“Tengda Corporation has so many employees. Many people are waiting to become the next chief planner. It’ll be so difficult for you to advance in that company!”