Is it true that you can make money every day?

Is it true that you can make money every day?

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[S1] I’m guessing ツブラだ refers to their currency. Phonetically it goes, Tsuburada, but I went with Tsuvlad.

[S2] The word here, 真剣師, refers to those who play board games for stakes (big money). Usually used for Shogi players but can also apply for Go, Chess and Yu-gi-oh!!

[S3] PHRASING!! This can so be taken the wrong way....

[S4] Yes, there is.... (︶︹︺)

Translated by: Sads07

Honestly, there are too many types.

Bite size. Chocolate —fruit-ones, in the hall.

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“Which one is better ...”

I didn’t hear of Aka’s taste.

For a while, I stared in front of the sweet cakes lined up in the cake shop in the town.

“Hey, Tre’ainar. Do you know what ogre’s prefer?”

『I am not privy to that much. However, if it is a cake, the standard might be strawberry shortcake. But he also said he wanted to make it himself. Then, I would not want to dismiss pound cakes and cupcakes, but....』

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I don’t really know about the types of cake.

Sadiz made everything I ate while saying ‘So Good, So Good’, but the types...... I don’t know.