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I wasn’t sure what it was, but...... my instinct was telling me that those hands were abnormally “dangerous”. Don’t get caught.



I haven’t done anything yet, and I was about to be overwhelmed.

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So I started by calming myself down.

Normally, you would be left defenseless by doing this in the middle of a fight, but since Machio didn’t seem to be making a move on me, I was able to do it without problems.

“... Breathing ...”

Jamdi’el under the ring murmured, looking at me with interest.

Apparently, she knew the effect of this.

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But anyway, I calmed down a little ... Come on ...

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“Fu~ ... right, let’s do it!”

“......... Come on.”

First of all, I run at high speed around the opponent in the center of the ring, so he can’t catch me.